Waldorf University finalizes transfer of ownership

(ABC 6 News) – Waldorf University has finalized the transfer of ownership to the Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation effective Dec. 1.

The change of ownership will allow Waldorf to return to its private, faith-based, non-profit roots. The institution will leverage the growth of the past twelve years with the benefits of being a non‐profit organization while also opening potential professional associations.

“We are very excited about the finalization of ownership by the Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation as well as the approval to maintain our accreditation with the HLC,” said Waldorf University President Bob Alsop. “The upcoming changes will allow our institution to return to the roots by which we were established as we continue to focus on providing the highest level of education possible to our students.”

This change will allow for greater financial stability and further grant opportunities while continuing to ensure Waldorf’s long-term presence in Forest City, Iowa. The transition will allow Waldorf to partner more closely with alumni, friends and parents who, once again, can direct their passion for Waldorf to further the mission of the University.

“This truly is an historic day,” said Ray Beebe, Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation’s Board Chairman. “We hope our legacy will be that we brought Waldorf back to local control, that the long and storied history of Waldorf from 1903 forward will continue on for generations to come, and people will notice very little change in the day-to-day operations of the university.”

The university will host a community celebration on Dec. 15 from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Salveson Ballroom located at 106 S Sixth St., Forest City, Ia.