Voters in southeastern MN head to the polls

(ABC 6 News) – Tuesday, ABC 6 news headed to the polls to speak with voters in Austin and Rochester as they cast their ballots.

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Voters tell us about the issues that drove them to the polls, but many say the right to vote and to have a say is all the motivation they need.

“This is one of the few ways a citizen has to make an actual impact in how their entire environment is governed so I just want to make sure I do my part//cause it’s what our country is founded on and if we don’t vote, we don’t have a country,” said Julie Clinefelter

“Just mainly that it’s our duty to vote and unless we continue to practice that duty, we won’t have it anymore,” Preston Vain said.

In Rochester, we stopped at a polling place at Rochester John Marshall high school and one voter shared the issues that drove him to vote Tuesday.

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“The economy, crime, the border, those are my top three. It’s everyone’s right, so it’s important to get out and vote. Whatever party you want to vote for just get out and do it,” said Chris Grassle.

Another voter says its the school board. After a year of contentious Rochester school board meetings making headlines.

“I just think we need some positive people with a lot of positive attitudes. I’m also very concerned about the school board situation here in town, i want to make sure i can do what i can to help with that as well,” Eric Anderson said.

You can find election results here.