USPS mail delays frustrating Minnesotans

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(ABC 6 News) – The delays in the US Postal Service have many Minnesotans becoming frustrated with not getting their mail, medications, or bills on time.

US Senator Amy Klobuchar is pleading with USPS officials to get answers on how to fix the problem.

“I’m concerned about some of the unacceptable delays we’ve seen across the state,” Sen. Klobuchar said in a Twitter video. “Now there have been some improvements in some areas, some of it is weather-related and we understand that, but we have to have consistent mail service.”

In some rural areas of Minnesota, residents aren’t getting their mail quick enough.

A postal service driver, who wants to stay anonymous, says it all comes down to staffing. He says there just aren’t enough workers to get the mail delivered quickly.

Residents in Rochester say while mail can sometimes be delayed, recently it has gotten better.

“Once in a while there is a package where you’re expecting it in about 7-10 days and all of a sudden after two weeks it’s like, oh its finally arriving,” explained Barbara Larsen.

Larsen says where she really notices the long wait is inside the post office itself.

“When I go to send a package, there will be a line and there will be maybe four or five windows, but only one or two of them are staffed. So there’s definitely a long wait,” Larsen added.

She says while she appreciates the effort from the workers, she thinks there is more that the USPS can do to help everyone in getting their mail on time.

USPS declined to comment to ABC 6 News.