Two schools pass, one fails in Floyd County special election

(ABC 6 News) – Tuesday was special election day in Iowa, where voters in 58 of the state’s 99 counties headed to the polls, including Floyd County.

Three schools in Floyd County were on the ballot for this special election: Nashua-Plainfield Community School District, North Butler Community School District, and Hawkeye Community college each asking for millions of dollars to renovate and create add on to their facilities.

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Out of the 392 registered voters, 53 turned out to cast their ballots.

  • The Nashua-Plainfield Community School Public Measure EE passed 13 to 4.

Voters approved a 3 million bond that will allow the Nashua-Plainfield Community School District to construct a baseball/softball athletic complex including concession and restroom areas and improve the overall site. The district will save about $1 million in interest payments while paying off the bond more quickly. The District would use the funds available through the one-cent statewide sales tax (also known as SAVE) to pay off the bond, rather than increasing property taxes for school district residents.

  • The Hawkeye Community College Public Measure BK passed 11 to 5.

Voters approved 35 million bond referendum to renovate and expand existing Hawkeye Community College facilities, to add a STEM learning center and support career training programs for construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, automotive and diesel technology programs and expand law enforcement training programs.

  • The North Butler Community School Public Measure CS failed 23 to 13.

Voters denied a 12.6 million bond to help construct, furnish, and equip an addition to the Junior/Senior High School building, and improve the site by remodeling, repairing, improving and furnishing the existing buildings. The District says if approved, the bond issues would have a tax impact of no more than $2.70 per year on every $1,000 of assessed property value in the community.