Trolley tour showcases the haunted side of Rochester

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(ABC 6 News) – The Rochester Trolley and Tour company is giving riders a look at the darker side of med city.

They are partnering with two local paranormal investigators to be tour guides for a three-hour guided tour through various graveyards and thought to be haunted historic sites.

Paranormal investigator and tour guide ‘Hawk’ has been doing this for over ten years and she says that the people she meets on the tour and what keep her coming back.

“Just the people come from all over the place, and they come with all kinds of expectations, right? And the facy that this is a true ghost trolly. We’re not doing the jumpout and scare people. And so i love that people come with their own stories and questions,” Hawk said.

During the tour, Hawk reveals some evidence she’s personally captured over the years and brings out some of her ghost hunting tools for people to try out.

Getting guests involved and having hands-on experiences like this is what gets skeptics of the paranormal like Katie Pflughoueft from Winona to come along for the ride.

“Depends. Sometimes I am sometimes, I’m not. Little bit of a skeptic, but lookin to see if i can find anything,” Pflughoueft said.

The haunted trolly rides go through this weekend and the tour company will also be hosting a jolly holiday lights tour starting in December.

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