Thursday is National Popcorn Day; Rochester theatres offering deals

(ABC 6 News) – Thursday is National Popcorn Day, although every day is popcorn day at the movies.

Popcorn and movie theaters are practically synonymous because, no matter how you like your popcorn, it just tastes better at the movies.

More than 34,000 movie theatres have agreed to participate, with promotions including discounted prices, unlimited popcorn refills, or free popcorn.

In Rochester, the CMX Chateau movie theatre located at 3450 East Circle Dr. NE will be offering one free movie ticket with the purchase of a large popcorn. The promotion is ONLY valid on Thursday. The free movie ticket is valid for 30 days after the promotion. The theatre says free tickets can be used online only.

Meanwhile, the Marcus Rochester Cinema, located at 4340 Maine Ave. SE, is offering a free complimentary-size popcorn per person on Thursday ONLY. The theatre says online ordering is not available for this promotion.

In a recent Fandango consumer survey of more than 2,500 U.S. moviegoers, 81% said that theater refreshments are important to the moviegoing experience and 83% agreed that movie theater popcorn just tastes better. 66% of those surveyed said they order large or extra-large sizes of popcorn, while nearly half said they enjoy mixing their popcorn with candy at the movies.

The top candies fans like to add to popcorn are M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, Raisinets, Goobers and Milk Duds.