The search for Linda Anger: 30 years later

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(ABC 6 News) – On May 7, 1993, Linda Anger’s ex-husband said he dropped at what used to be the Olmsted County Government Center. She had an appointment, but never showed up for it. Now, 30 years later, the case is still open.

On May 8,1993, co-workers of Linda anger were worried after Linda didn’t show up for work, so they contacted the sheriff’s office.

“I was assigned to respond out to the residence to take the missing report and talk with the family,” said Lt. Lee Rossman.

Lt. Rossman had only been with the sheriff’s office for about two years at the time. Little did he know that he would be on this case for the rest of his career.

Linda lived with her ex-husband and their children, as well as her ex-husband’s new wife. According to Rossman there was a custody dispute over the kids.

“It’s always an emotional situation for both parents and you know when people reach certain limits sometimes, they lose control and make those bad decisions to do things,” said Lt. Rossman.

That’s why Linda was going to the government center to talk with a social worker. That raised a red flag for Rossman.

“It was reported by her ex-husband who lived at the residence with her that he had dropped her off at the Olmsted County courthouse and community services building,” said Rossman.

That was the last time Linda was reported to have contact with anybody.

When questioning the family, Rossman noticed another red flag, when it comes to Linda’s ex-husband.

“He didn’t seem as concerned as someone who had a missing family member. Kinda nonchalant, just kind of she’s gone. You know not super worries where she was at,” said Lt. Rossman.

Rossman was very suspicious about the ex. But there was never enough evidence to bring charges against him or anyone for that matter.

“Whenever I’m in the area of where their house is at obviously that would raise my thoughts about it. And even just seeing the folder on the desk. Think where could she be? Where did he take her to,” said Lt. Rossman.

Lieutenant Rossman will be retiring on Friday after serving Olmsted County for more than 3 decades. While he has solved a lot of cases during that time, he’s still hopeful this one won’t remain cold, forever.

“Obviously we like to solve everything and find everyone. But it’s assigned to another investigator who will continue with any information that might come up,” said Lt. Rossman.

Linda’s ex-husband passed away in 2007. And even though Linda went missing 30 years ago doesn’t mean the search is over. If you have any information you are encouraged to contact the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office.