‘The Most OREO, OREO’ has arrived

(ABC 6 News) – Oreo has announced the release of its Most OREO OREO.

The Limited Edition cookie features the ‘Most Stuf’ level of creme with bits of OREO wafer in the creme.

“These cookies and creme flavored OREO cookies are full of themselves. Literally. Each kosher OREO cookie is filled with extra layers of OREO Cookies-N-Creme, making them supremely dunkable and delicious.”

The new cookie was announced on Twitter with the caption, “With a cookie so meta, it’s only right that we’re dunking into the Metaverse with our very own OREOVERSE.”

The cookies are available for pre-sale online by visiting HERE or you can find them on Jan. 30 when they are set to hit store shelves.