Students letter in community service

Students letter in community service

Olmsted County United Way celebrated awarded twenty two students for community service work on Thursday night.

(ABC 6 News) United Way of Olmsted County awarded 22 students for community service work on Thursday night.

The students received the award for volunteering for 100 hours or more, and one John Marshall high school freshman said she achieved one of her goals by lettering in community service.

“It’s a sense of gratitude that I’m able to help people but I’m also helping myself,” Arsiema Feliche, letter recipient and John Marshall high school freshman, said.

Feliche volunteered by teaching the Ethiopian children’s choir, helping out at cultural showcases and lending a hand to nurses and patients at Saint Mary’s.

She said it’s her school pride that has her eager to help.

“I’m always willing to help out, because I would like my school to be known, but I would also like to be known that I’m there, I’m proud to be a Rocket,” Feliche said.

While 21 other students from around the county were also awarded, Feliche was the only John Marshall student being celebrated.

And for Feliche, her work doesn’t end here her goal is to make an impact, not only in Rochester but in the world.

” I would like to start a fundraiser. I don’t know what specifically but right now I have in mind for those in Ethiopia right now,” Feliche said.

She says no matter where or what you do making a positive impact on others is something anyone can do.

“Me, as a freshman, I can do all this than you can too.”