SPARK soars to new heights

(ABC 6 News) – SPARK, Children’s Museum of Rochester will receive a special visit from its partners at the Mayo Clinic’s Peregrine Falcon Program and Midwest Peregrine Society on October 9.

From 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., Jackie Fallon, Naturalist for the Mayo Clinic Peregrine Falcon Program and VP of Field Operations for the Midwest Peregrine Society, will help visitors of all ages understand the past, present, and future of peregrine falcons in Minnesota and the region.

“Raptors are often regarded as a species to be admired and prized by humans, often representing power, independence, and strength. In particular, peregrine falcons have risen to the highest level of admiration due to their striking physical markings, speed, and care for their young,” said Fallon. “From the Greek Gods and Native People to today’s 10-year-old child, a falcon continues to elicit and evoke strong feelings of power and fascination. When the peregrine falcon population plummeted to fewer than 200 birds in the lower 48, it was no wonder that many people joined forces to save the species from extinction.”

“We are fortunate to have wonderful community partners like Mayo Clinic’s Peregrine Falcon Program and the Midwest Peregrine Society investing in educating our community about ecosystems,” said Heather Nessler, Executive Director of SPARK. “We focus on enriching educational experiences, with science being one core focus. Seeing a magnificent bird up close and learning about its importance will leave a lasting impression on some of our visitors.”

The falcon visit and program are included with museum general admission or membership.