RPD confirms election judge investigation

(ABC 6 News) – Rochester police Captain Casey Moilanen confirmed Friday that the department is investigating two election judges in Olmsted County.

The police would not comment on who they are or the details surrounding the case.

We have requested investigation data from both the police department and the city.

Friday, Olmsted county sent out a letter reassuring voters that the county and city are committed to ensuring the security and integrity of local elections.

The county says election judges receive specialized training to ensure they are adhering to requirements outlined by election laws.

Election judges must take an oath to uphold election laws to prevent illegal activity at the polls.

Olmsted County officials released this statement:

The two individuals under investigation will not be serving as election judges on November 8.

Since the investigations are active, Olmsted County is unable to provide further details.

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The Secretary of State’s office released the following statement:

Democracy depends on adherence to the law, both by voters and those who administer elections. Any attempt to interfere with the administration of elections is deeply troubling and fundamentally undemocratic.

The allegations made in the investigation in Olmsted County are concerning. However, the investigation is proof that our election system remains strong. At every level of elections administration, there are checks in place to ensure that administrators and voters are acting ethically and within the law. If there is an instance of any person acting inappropriately or illegally at a polling place on November 8, they will be removed from the polling place and may face criminal charges.

“Voters deserve a polling place free of undue influence, especially the influence of disinformation created to sow distrust,” said Secretary of State Steve Simon. “Our office and all of our local partners are committed to ensuring that expectation is met and that all voters feel welcomed and comfortable while at their polling place.”

The Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State has been working with local election officials for months to ensure they are prepared for this election season including preparation for possible disruptions in the polling place.

We remain confident that the more than 30,000 Minnesotans who will serve as administrators for the November 8 Election will do their work with the utmost professionalism and integrity. 

With this investigation so close to Election day, the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office and Olmsted county says it is trained and ready to handle all aspects of voting on Election day.

If there is any illegal activity at any polling place, they will be removed and could face criminal charges.