Rochester Public Works announce construction projects in 2023

(ABC 6 News) – The Rochester Public Works Department has numerous construction projects slated for 2023.

This work has many benefits including keeping the city’s infrastructure in good working condition, replacing infrastructure that has reached the end of its lifespan and improving safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

The list below highlights large-scale projects; it does not include all construction work that will be conducted by the Public Works Department in 2023. Information about major City projects can be found on the new City of Rochester Public Project Dashboard.

Residents can keep apprised of travel impacts with the online Construction Impact Map.

Street Projects

  • 65 Street NW Reconstruction Project – J9852/J9853 (Phase 2: April to November 2023)The City of Rochester is reconstructing 65 Street NW from 37 Avenue NW to 50 Avenue NW. Improvements include changing 65 Street NW from a rural road to a city street with a 30 mph speed limit, increased safety and traffic flow for roadway users, and new pedestrian/bicycle paths that connect to existing trails and Dakota Middle School.
  • 9 Street SE Reconstruction Project – J7843 (April to November 2023)
    Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) is constructing a relatively large electrical duct bank from their new Marion Road SE substation to downtown Rochester. The 9 Street SE segment of this project is from Broadway Avenue to Slatterly Park. Installation of the new duct bank will disturb existing City utilities and pavements within this segment. Given the age of the infrastructure between 4 Avenue SE and Slatterly Park, Public Works prioritized this street and utility reconstruction project to take advantage of the street disturbance and construction efficiencies.
  • Water Main Reconstruction: 11 Avenue NE to Sierra Lane NE – J7846 (April to July 2023)Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) will replace old 1958 & 1963 water main which has had 18 breaks in recent years. This project will also include complete bituminous restoration, some new curb and gutter, and some storm/sanitary sewer reconstruction conducted by Public Works.
  • Viola Road NE & Cassidy Drive NE Intersection Improvements Project – J6013 (June to October 2023)A roundabout is being installed at this intersection in order to improve traffic operations and safety around Century High School. This project is a joint effort between the City of Rochester and Olmsted County.
  • Discovery Walk – J8904 (Spring to Fall 2023)This project reimagines the traditional public street as a green parkway serving pedestrians and cyclists alike. Discovery walk extends from the center of downtown through Discovery Square and south to Soldiers Field.
  • 48 Street SW & Commercial Drive SW Intersection Improvements – J6068 (July to October 2023)This project includes the construction of a single lane roundabout at the intersection of 48 Street SW and Commercial Drive SW.

Additional Projects

  • Annual Mill & Overlay and Chip Seal Projects (Spring/Summer 2023)
    Every year, the Public Works Infrastructure Maintenance team performs pavement preservation projects that include both Mill & Overlay and Chip Seal projects. The milling projects consist of removing an average of 2-inches of pavement from the existing street and replacing that 2-inches of bituminous pavement. This year’s project includes an estimated 14 miles of re-paving. The Chip Seal projects are an additional preservation method to protect pavements that have been recently paved in the previous 2-3 years. An estimated 22 miles of streets will receive a chip seal. These projects occur in neighborhoods all over the city.  More information on the pavement preservation project is located here.
  • Sidewalk Improvement District (SID) Program – J4721/J4725 (Spring/Summer 2023)

Sidewalk repairs and maintenance are now handled by the City through the SID program. Contractors will be addressing defective sidewalks in District 4 – SE this season. Select pedestrian ramps will also be replaced. This is the first year under the new program (adopted by City Council in November 2022) that reassigns the cost of sidewalk repairs and replacement from the adjacent property owner to a distribution among a greater portion of the community.

  • Stabilization Project: Cascade Creek Tributary channel – J6710 (Spring 2023)
    This project will consist of stabilizing approximately 1,100 feet of a highly eroded drainage way that is tributary to Cascade Creek located immediately adjacent to Douglas Trail between 15 Street NW and the pedestrian bridge ramp crossing over 7 Street NW. The project will feature a pedestrian bridge connecting the Douglas Trail to 14 Street NW to facilitate a safe crossing over the channel.
  • Trail along South Broadway Avenue and Highway 14 – J4693 (Spring/Summer 2023)
    This project will construct a 10-foot wide bituminous multi-use path abutting the Crossroads Shopping Center, in the southwest quadrant of the Broadway Avenue S / Trunk Highway 14 intersection, from Crossroads Drive SW to 14 Street SW.
  • West Zumbro Sewer Extension – J7773 (May to November 2023)Sanitary sewer will be extended from approximately 19 Street NW to Valleyhigh Road NW west of the Fox Trails and Badger Ridge developments. The sewer will allow for additional commercial and residential development to occur on existing lands within the City limits and for expansion onto adjacent lands that wish to be annexed into the City and also develop.