Rochester man arrested on suspicion of meth possession, threatening acts during medical call

(ABC 6 News) – A man was arrested early Monday morning after his actions allegedly interrupted a medical call in SE Rochester.

According to Rochester police captain Casey Moilanen, officers were called to support paramedics at a home in the 900 block of 17th Street SE, after dispatch passed on concerns that an active shooter was in the area.

Paramedics, who had responded to a call that a 6-year-old was having trouble breathing, told police that as they arrived to the house, they were followed by a truck which passed the fire truck and Mayo Clinic ambulance “at a crawl.”

Moilanen said the truck parked in the street and as paramedics entered the house, one saw a man exit the truck and begin walking toward the firetruck and ambulance with what looked like a rifle in hand.

Moilanen said the man appeared “interested” in the first responders’ vehicles, rather than the house, but that it was a “pretty scary situation” for the paramedics, which impacted the quality of care they could provide at the time.

The man left the area before Rochester police arrived, and was later located in the parking lot of Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Moilanen said.

He said officers spoke to the truck’s driver, George McIntosh II of Rochester, who allegedly told them that he was practicing a bomb drill, wanted to see how the cars were wired, and had considered stealing the firetruck, then the ambulance.

The officers claim they suspected McIntosh of methamphetamine use, and arrested him on suspicion of DWI, 3rd-degree controlled substance possession in a school zone, carrying a BB gun in public, and threats of violence, based on McIntosh’s actions.

Moilanen said officers found four grams of methamphetamine in McIntosh’s possession. Officers also located 10 airsoft guns — four realistic-looking pistols and six rifles, some still in store packaging — in McIntosh’s truck, he added.