Political parties meet with voters at the Minnesota State Fair

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(ABC 6 News) – The Great Minnesota Get-Together is all about bringing Minnesotans from all walks of life together to celebrate with one another.

That’s made clear by the way both major political parties are represented at the fair.

“We’re all civically engaged, and I think there’s really something for everyone here, so whether you’re a DFLer or a member of the GOP, you know you can let you flags fly and we’re still respectful,” said Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan – DFL.

Both the DFL and the GOP come to the fair every year to spread the word about candidates who are up for election and the values their party believes in.

“We like to let people know what we’re all about. Some people come in and ask where do you stand, what’s the position of the Republican party on this or that, some other people wanna come back here and just have a little respite,” said Donna Bergstom, Deputy Chair of the Minnesota GOP.

These booths let people connect with members of their party directly, including elected officials.

“It really puts a local face on what’s happening on the national level. So people can come in here to us, we’ve had state senators, state representatives come here, today even, that can answer questions for people,” said Bergstrom.

ABC 6 News spoke with members of both parties at the fair who said they come to these booths every year because they think it’s important to be politically involved.

“It doesn’t matter which party controls our government, but our government has to be controlled by the people,” said Tyler Carr, a fairgoer who is not affiliated with either political party.

Since it’s not an election year for Minnesotans, the political presence at the fair this year is a little more laid back.

“The sort of constant campaigning that you have to do, and voters have to put up with is a little much sometimes, you just wanna take a break,” said Senator Tina Smith – DFL.

However, both parties are still eager to get the word out about the work they are doing.

The GOP and DFL booths will be open throughout the fair, so in between all the food and fun, you can stop by and see what your favorite political party is up to.