Pet of the Week: Agatha & Wilson

Pet of the Week: Agatha

Meet Agatha, the Pet of the Week from the Paws and Claws Humane Society!

(ABC 6 News) – Meet Agatha & Wilson!

Agatha is the Paws and Claws Humane Society Pet of the Week!

She is a charming three-year-old Pitbull with a heart of gold. Despite her breed’s misconceptions, Agatha defies stereotypes with her sweet demeanor and friendly disposition.

She adores making new friends, especially other dogs, as her playful nature shines through in every interaction.

Agatha’s resilience is a testament to her strength; having battled and triumphed over heartworm, she now embraces life with boundless energy and zest, inspiring all who know her with her unwavering spirit.

While Agatha’s affection knows no bounds, there’s one thing she’s not too fond of: cats. Despite this feline aversion, Agatha’s love for her human companions and fellow canines remains unwavering.

If you’re interested in meeting Agatha, apply online!

Wilson is the Mower County Humane Society Pet of the Week!

This distinguished gentleman arrived at MCHS 2 years ago with a significant rear leg injury. He was treated and vetted, making a miraculous, full recovery.

Wilson is a fun-loving, playful 4-year-old who would love to meet you! Aren’t his long, white whiskers just divine? This well-dressed fellow could be curled up on your couch at a moment’s notice. His bags are packed, and he’s ready for life’s next adventure. Wilson’s easy-going spirit makes him a great fit for most family situations.

It should be noted that Wills has tested positive for FIV. He is asymptomatic, which is pretty typical. The virus is passed by deep bite wounds. The virus is not spread by mock fighting, scratches, or sneezing. Nor is it passed from cats grooming each other or sharing food and water dishes. People cannot get FIV.

If you’re interested in meeting Wilson, apply online!