Mother of Daunte Wright’s son sues for money raised through GoFundMe

(KSTP) – Chyna Whitaker, the mother of Daunte Wright’s son, Daunte, Jr., is suing Wright’s parents.

According to a civil lawsuit filed Monday in Hennepin County, Whitaker says Wright’s parents and attorney Ben Crump promised that all money raised through the GoFundMe account set up after Wright’s death would be split equally between the Wright family and Daunte, Jr.

However, Whitaker alleges that Wright’s parents are the only ones who’ve received any money from the GoFundMe, so far.

As of Monday, more than $1 million had been raised by the account.

Wright was killed by former Brooklyn Center police officer Kimberly Potter during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021. Potter was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison back in February.

The lawsuit states, “Ben Crump specifically stated to Chyna Whitaker in the presence of several of her relatives and friends on more than one occasion words to the effect that, ‘Chyna you are going to receive at least 50% of the GoFundMe proceeds collected that my firm will help set up … Don’t worry we are going to make certain that you and your son are taken care of,’”

It adds that Whitaker would’ve made her own GoFundMe had Crump not specifically told her that the funds raised would be split equally between Wright’s parents and his son.

Additionally, the lawsuit includes an email from the organizer of the GoFundMe that states, “All funds raised through this site will go towards covering funeral and burial expenses, mental health and grief counseling, providing support to Daunte’s infant son, Daunte Wright, Jr., and to help the Wright family in the fight for justice.” The language about Daunte Wright, Jr., wasn’t included on the GoFundMe page, as of Monday afternoon.

In a statement to our partner station, KSTP, Crump’s office said:

“This is strictly a family dispute between the mother of Daunte Wright’s child and Daunte’s parents, who set up the GoFundMe account in question. Ben Crump Law never handled or controlled the money from this GoFundMe account, which was under the sole direction of Daunte’s parents. Ben Crump Law did not benefit from any of the funds raised, and we did not accept any fee in this case. Our hearts are always with the family, and we pray that they can find resolution.”