MnDNR releases new wolf management plan

(ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR) on Tuesday released its final wolf management plan that will guide conservation of wolves in the state through the year 2032.

The plan describes and provides guidance on wolf population monitoring, population management, depredation control, public safety and more. It’ll also emphasizes cooperation and collaboration with tribal, federal, state and local governments, non-governmental organizations and other partners.

The MnDNR began the process of updating the 2001 plan in 2019, and incorporated public input and perspectives that Minnesotans have about wolves, while adhering to the statutes guiding Minnesota wolf management. The MnDNR came away with 6 goals for the plan which are listed below:

  • Maintain a well-connected and resilient wolf population.
  • Collaborate with diverse partners to collectively support wolf plan implentation.
  • Minimize and address human-wolf conflicts.
  • Inform and engage the public about wolves in Minnesota.
  • Conduct research to inform wolf managment.
  • Administer the wolf program to fulfill agency responsibilities and the needs of the public and partners.

The MnDNR says wolf numbers across the state are estimated at 2,700, well above the Endangered Species Act recovery plan goals of 1,251-1,400. Minnesota’s wolf population represents nearly half of the current wolf population within the lower 48 states.

To view the MnDNR’s wolf management plan, CLICK HERE.