Minnesota Senate approves paid family and medical leave plan

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(ABC 6 News) – A bill providing paid family and medical leave for Minnesota workers just passed the Senate on a 34-33 party-line vote.

The bill, which was passed by the Minnesota House last week on a 68-64 vote,, would allow workers up to 12 weeks of paid family leave and up to 12 more weeks of paid medical leave.

Supporters say the bill would allow Minnesotans to take care of themselves or family members without having to sacrifice a paycheck, which most can’t afford to do.

In the rare cases when a worker would need both types of leave in a single year, the total amount of benefits will be capped at 20 weeks.

“Minnesotans should not have to choose between taking care of themselves or loved ones and receiving a paycheck, and thanks to passage of today’s bill they won’t have to,” said Senator Liz Boldon (DFL-Rochester). “Paid family and medical leave helps Minnesotans across the state get the care they need, helps level the playing field for small businesses looking to recruit and retain staff, and will help our economy thrive. All Minnesotans deserve to be able to care for themselves and their loved ones, I’m thrilled to vote yes on this bill today.”

Senator Liz Boldon

The program will be funded by a one-time appropriation of $668 million and will be supported on an ongoing basis with a 0.7% payroll premium shared between employers and employees with benefits available beginning on July 1st, 2025.

The bill received pushback from some who say the program would create too large of a cost and burden for small businesses.

The bill now goes to conference committee, and Gov. Walz has vowed to sign it into law.