Minnesota has carried out over 27K transplants since 1988; 10th highest in U.S.

(ABC 6 News) – Minnesota ranks tenth in the nation for states who have performed the highest number of transplants in the U.S. since 1988, according to a new report.

Health experts at NiceRx, an advocacy service that assists eligible individuals to access FDA-approved prescription medications directly from U.S. pharmaceutical companies for a set price, lists California (107,339), Texas (73,599), and Pennsylvania (63,703) at the top 3 states who have performed the most transplants in the last 34 years. Minnesota ranks 10th on the list with 27,198 transplants performed.

The report states that Iowa tops the list as having the highest percentage of residents on the organ donor list at 77%. Colorado (69%) and Illinois (65%) are second and third.

In 2021, kidney transplants made up 60% of all organ transplants performed in the U.S. Liver was next at 22% followed by heart at 9%, and lung at 6%. Kidney failure be the result of diabetes, old age and high blood pressure – all of which are common in the U.S.

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