Metz’s Hart-Land Dairy and Creamery in Rushford set to close

(ABC 6 News) – After nearly 40 years in the dairy industry and 9 years of making cheese and gelato, Metz’s Hart-Land Dairy and Creamery in Rushford will soon close its doors.

Owners Jeff & Mariann said in a social media post, that they will be closing down the creamery and selling their herd of dairy cows.

“The economy the last couple years has just placed to many hurdles for us to clear, and for the health our family and everything, we just need to move on,” Jeff said.

Jeff & Mariann started dairy farming in 1985. Since then, the family farm has grown to 200 cows, consisting of Holsteins, Red & Whites, Jerseys, and Brown Swiss.

In 2013, Jeff & Mariann purchased a Honey bottling business from a neighbor and now do that right on our farm. Then in 2015, we built a Creamery right on our farm. They currently make fresh cheese curds and farmstead cheeses on Wednesdays and Thursdays that are delivered to local markets throughout the Southeast Minnesota Area.