Mayo Clinic study shows successful labor outcomes in expectant mothers using AI

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(ABC 6 News) – In the last few years, it has become more dangerous for women to give birth as the country’s mortality rate continues to increase.

Now, Mayo Clinic is introducing artificial intelligence into the delivery room to keep mom safe.

This artificial intelligence uses algorithms to analyze patterns of changes in women during childbirth to identify any complications. The goal is to minimize these complications, and keep both mom and baby safe.

here is how it works: the hospital will have data before the mother goes into labor, like blood pressure and weight gain throughout pregnancy.

Once the mother enters the hospital during labor, doctors perform standard cervical exams gauging the progress of labor – logging this data into her chart too.

Using the new algorithm, doctors can determine the success rate for natural births for each mother and determine the best plan of action.

“Also help avoid serious mobility you know like hemorrhage in a woman or infection in a woman and also prevent complications in the baby as well,” Mayo Clinic OB-Gyn Consultant, Dr. Abimbola Famuyide said.

More than 66 thousand deliveries were examined for the study nationwide.

Now the next step is to validate these algorithms with past mayo clinic childbirth patients, which will take about a year.