Mason City Police Department announces Community Camera Program

(ABC 6 News) – The Mason City Police Department (MCPD) has announced a Community Camera Program to help assist the department in future criminal investigations.

The department says residents and businesses within the Mason City limits can register their address, camera locations, and personal information on the city’s website in the event that police need to review camera video recordings as part of an investigation.

MCPD says they will not have remote access to cameras, and will never access cameras without a person’s knowledge. Authorized officers will only have access to anyone’s contact information. Participation in the program is 100% voluntary, and anyone can opt out at any time.

The Community Camera Program can help speed up the process for a neighborhood canvas as officers will be able to access the database to see if there are registered cameras at residences in the immediate area where an incident occurred.

MCPD says security cameras are a great crime deterrent, and are helpful for police.

For additional information or questions regarding the program, contact the MCPD Crime Victim Specialist at 641-494-3591.