Mall of America vaccination site to close December 30

(ABC 6 News) – State health officials announced Wednesday that the Mall of America state-run vaccination site will close after Dec. 30. 

COVID-19 vaccine continues to be widely available through health systems, pharmacies, local public health and community organizations across the state as the COVID-19 emergency response work transitions back to regular health care and public health operations. 

“We are extremely grateful for all of the partners, staff, and contractors who have worked to make the Mall of America site a cornerstone of Minnesota’s comprehensive response to COVID-19,” said Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm. “This state-run site, along with others that were stood up during the response, provided vital vaccination access to Minnesotans of all ages over the last couple of years.”

The Mall of America vaccination site opened in February 2021 and administered over 236,000 vaccinations. People hoping to get a vaccine at the Mall of America location can still make an appointment or walk in during regular hours of operation (Wednesday-Friday from 1-8 p.m.) through Dec. 30.