Local woman receives ‘Emerging Scientist Award’

(ABC 6 News) – The Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) recently awarded 8 promising scientists the Emerging Scientist Award to pursue their research.

Through a selective granting process, the Minneapolis-based nonprofit will award each scientist $100,000 for a 1-year period starting October 1.

The Emerging Scientist Award is designed to develop the independent research of scientists still early in their careers who are focused on cancers impacting children and adolescents.

The award supports basic, clinical, translational, or epidemiological research. Projects may include pilot and feasibility studies; secondary analysis of existing data; small, self-contained research projects; and development of new research technology.

Carol Fries Simpson, MD, from the University of Rochester was one of the scientists chosen. Simpson will study the genetic make-up of B-lymphoblastic lymphoma, an under-researched childhood cancer, to identify a targeted treatment approach for children battling the disease.

Two scientists from the University of Minnesota were also chosen. To view all 8 scientists and the research they will be conducting, CLICK HERE.

The CCRF is a national nonprofit committed to finding safer, more effective therapies for kids battling cancer. They have contributed over $200 million to research, education and awareness, and quality-of-life programs for childhood cancer families thanks to donors and partners around the country.

For more information on CCRF Research Grant Programs, CLICK HERE.