Local representatives weigh-in on national debt as deadline approaches

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(ABC 6 News) – Negotiations continue in the nation’s capitol as the country teeters on the brink of economic disaster.

Now, local members of Congress are weighing in on the matter and are warning Americans that if the U.S. defaults on its debt, millions could be out of a job and the American economy would be thrust into chaos. 

Democrats are hoping to raise that debt ceiling without massive spending cuts, accusing Republicans of holding a default over the heads of Americans.

“I think that we should not be holding the whole faith in credit the health of our economy hostage to a budget negotiation. I am fully in support of having a good conversation, bipartisan conversation about what the budget of the United States of America should look like,” Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) said.

While Republicans agree the ceiling should be raised so the country doesn’t default, many say the country is in a financial hole and the fiscal health of the country needs to be taken more seriously.

They say Democrats can’t keep pushing the debt higher year after year without doing something about the budget like cutting federal spending in programs like Medicaid.

“We have to make sure that we are putting this country in a position to be able to pay off our debt and really that, to me, comes down to really fundamental beliefs that I want to make sure were doing everything we can our generation is doing everything we can to set up our children and future generations to succeed,” Rep. Brad Finstad (R-MN) explained.

The potential deadline could be as early as June 1.

As of Wednesday morning, negotiations are ramping up between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and representatives say it’s unlikely a decision will come this week, but are hopeful for next Friday.