Keeping your furnace running during a winter storm

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(ABC 6 News) – As snow continues to fall, clearing off the driveway won’t be the only thing you’ll need to do. You’ll need to make sure your furnace is clear to keep the heat running.

Tonna Mechanical, Inc. says your furnace will be working extra hard if its airflow is restricted by ice or snow. Which in the end means you’ll be paying more to heat your home. Or worse, your furnace could completely shut down.

“There are safety features built in. There are kill switches basically that will shut itself down,” explained Mason Duckett, a lead outside sales representative at Tonna.

“Short of walking out there, you’ll be able to see if ice is starting to form along the pipe. Or, if that’s where the snow plow always dumps the snow. Or, if that’s where if you’re snow blowing and you like to throw the snow that way, Those are times where you want to make sure it’s clear.”

During this type of weather, Tonna said it gets quite a bit of calls, adding that vehicles are prepared to handle and go out in extreme weather conditions if needed.

Things you can do until someone is able to repair your furnace include shutting it off and testing it every half hour. Or, letting your faucet drip so your pipes don’t freeze.