Ice carvers putting on the final touches ahead of Social Ice Friday

Social Ice prep underway

This warm weather isn't slowing down Southeast Minnesota's biggest party, Social Ice. Preparations are underway ahead of Friday's event.

(ABC 6 News) – This warm weather isn’t slowing down southeast Minnesota’s biggest party. Preparations for Social Ice are happening Thursday night just ahead of Friday’s fun.

For Ice Carver Trevor Pearson, the event runs in the family. His dad, along with a Rochester-based ice carver, are the masterminds behind Social Ice. They helped start the event 15 years ago and Trevor joined in a year later.

“We use 300-pound blocks of ice that we make up in St. Paul, and we remove all the air bubbles and impurities so it’s able to last longer in warmer temperatures like this. But to see the reactions of people, that’s probably my favorite part,” says Pearson who works for Minnesota Ice.

Despite the unusually warm winter, Minnesota Ice is nothing but prepared.

“We use some tarps, some UV resistant tarps, some insulated blankets to try and preserve the core, cold temperatures of the ice. Being so clear, the ice is a lot more dense so it remains colder for longer.”

While the pieces get assembled Thursday, Friday morning is all about the fine-tuning.

Social Ice begins Friday at 4 p.m. at Peace Plaza and goes through Saturday night. More information can be found, here.