Goats finish their work to control vegetation in Albert Lea

(ABC 6 News) – The City of Albert Lea recently used goats to help control vegetation in one area of town.

The goats were provided by the southern Minnesota company, Goats on the Go, which provides prescribed grazing to control vegetation.

The city owns land on Eunice Drive atop a bluff over Albert Lea Lake.

Buckthorn and other undesired plants had overtaken the property and was spreading to residential lots.

Instead of mowing or applying herbicides, which can lead to erosion and runoff that hurt water quality, the city decided to try this natural technique.
For $900, 32 goats spent 13 days eating across about 1 acre of land.

The City of Rochester similarly brought in about 200 goats from the company Goat Dispatch to help get rid of invasive plants in Bear Creek Park.

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For video, photos and more information about the goats work in Albert Lea, CLICK HERE.