Gas prices continue to drop across the region

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(ABC 6 News) – If there is one thing drivers are thankful for during the holiday season, it’s that drop in gas prices

With the exception of last year, gas prices are still at their highest since 2013.

The good news is gas prices have dropped nearly 15 cents in Minnesota in the last week and about 50 cents over the past month. The average gas price in Minnesota sits at $3.07.

This is great news for drivers, including truck driver Jerry Fernow.

“I could have almost bought a house for the amount of money I have had to pay in fuel. Add about maybe $20,000 to it,” Fernow said.

It is truck drivers like Jerry that are seeing the highest prices. Diesel fuel has also seen a drop in prices over the past week of around 15 cents.

However, the national average for diesel fuel still sits at $4.91 per gallon.

“It just can’t keep going like this. It just can’t. I feel bad for people if it does,” Fernow said.

Gas prices are expected to continue to drop as we get closer to Christmas, according to Gasbuddy.

15 states already have average gas prices below 3 dollars, and the national average is expected to be back below 3 dollars by Christmas.

Diesel fuel prices are also expected to drop between 50 cents to a dollar in the next 6 weeks.