Frontline Worker Pay appeal deadline is Wednesday

(ABC 6 News) – Wednesday is the final day to submit an appeal for any Minnesotan that has been rejected from the state’s Frontline Worker Pay Program.

Applicants who were notified their submitted application was denied have the right to appeal the decision within a 15-day window before the deadline at 5 p.m. Wednesday evening.

People who worked in various frontline jobs during the pandemic were encouraged to apply, and it’s estimated over 1.2 million Minnesotans did.

State officials estimate 667,000 Minnesotans will be deemed eligible, but with double the applicants, that number could be higher.

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Minnesota is set to receive $500-million dollars from the federal government to pay out eligible applicants. However, the higher the number of applicants, the lower the amount each Minnesotan will receive.

It’s estimated the checks could range anywhere from $500-750 depending on the final number deemed eligible.