Friends of Burnsville Firefighter Adam Finseth reflect on his life

Adam Finseth Remembered

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(ABC 6 News) – On Sunday morning, graduates from John Marshall High’s class of 2001 woke up to tragedy. Their classmate and friend, Adam Finseth, was one of three first responders killed, while responding to a domestic abuse call in Burnsville.

Three of his closest friends, Matt Arnold, Jon Doring and David Chiarini, are still grieving over Adam’s death. But they will remember him for the genuine and selfless friend he was.

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“You know, I think for anyone going through this, it’s just a shock, right? Like you just can’t think that this is actually happening,” Arnold said.

Many of Adam’s friends remember him for the size of his heart, having space for every one of his friends and family members.

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“Adam had this really, genuine caring for other people. It was just, there was never any selfishness or anything like that, you know, coming from his personality nor his actions,” Arnold continued. “There was always this strong bonding relationship with, not only like his friends he connected with, but also his family. He just had a very strong connection and just genuine love for everyone that he touched.”

These characteristics were a large part of what created friendships that lasted a lifetime.

“When we get the chance to get together it’s like we never, nothing ever separated,” said Jon Doring. “Even though it’s sometime a year or two before we can see each other again it’s almost like there was no time in-between at all.”

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And he carried on that selflessness with him into his career with the Army, and later as a paramedic and firefighter in Hastings, Savage and Burnsville.

“Seeing him go into the military and serving, I mean you couldn’t be more proud of your friend,” said Chiarini. “And then seeing him come back and become a firefighter and a medic. Couldn’t be more proud of him and knowing that he never changed.”

But there’s one word all of Adam’s friends want him to be remembered by.

“I guess if I could sum it up in one word, it’s that he’s a hero,” said Doring.

“He’s just a hero,” added Arnold.

“He was a hero. Before any of this happened, he was a hero,” concluded Chiarini.

And for all who have come to know Adam Finseth, he will forever remain their hero.

Finseth’s GoFundMe page is open for donations once again. And the memorial at Burnsville City Hall for Finseth as well as officers Paul Elmstrand and Matthew Ruge is open to the public.