FindJodi tracks down Huisentruit’s car

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(ABC 6 News) – A group of journalists have located Jodi Huisentruit’s red Mazda Miata convertible two decades after it was last seen.

Huisentruit, a missing Mason City news anchor, was abducted from the parking lot of her apartment complex in the early morning hours of June 27, 1995.

The vehicle was processed by police at the scene that morning before being quickly towed away. It was one of the few pieces of evidence investigators had to work with.

“It was a piece of the crime scene, a major piece of the crime scene,” said FindJodi team member Scott Fuller. “I think the investigators now probably wish they had the car in their possession.”

Over two decades later, the FindJodi team concluded that the car was not a gift to Huisentruit, but that she bought it herself three weeks before her own abduction.

“It’s probably just coincidence that Jodi bought this car three weeks before and it probably had nothing to do with her abduction three weeks after she bought it,” Fuller said.

Fuller traveled to Wisconsin to meet the cars current owner. He says the Miata has gone through three owners and is in good condition. It has only 53,000 miles.

“It was bizarre because we’ve all seen the images of her car being towed away from the scene. Obviously, it’s a crime scene from 25 years ago,” said Fuller.

However, after 25 years, Fuller says the car has no forensic value.

“I think if it were to be useful to law enforcement today at all it would be to reenact, reconstruct the crime scene because they have the best idea of what items were where. Beyond that, there isn’t going to be any DNA from the car or anything like that,” Fuller said.

The Mason City Police Department had no comment on the discovery of the Miata.