EPA to make decision on E-15 summer sales

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(ABC 6 News) – Currently the EPA is considering suspending a ban on the summer sale of E-15 gas. Last year, the agency suspended the ban which saw prices at the pump tumble relatively quickly.

About one third of corn produced in Minnesota goes to ethanol plants to make unleaded 88, a more cost friendly and a more ecofriendly alternative to unleaded 87 gasoline. But Minnesota corn growers and ethanol plants are waiting for the EPA’s decision on whether or not it can be sold this summer.

There are some environmental concerns based on how unleaded 88 burns in the summer heat. But some officials say that thought is outdated.

Last summer the EPA approved summer sales of unleaded 88 over the Russia-Ukraine war and the benefited to Americans pocketbooks was substantially. On average 17 cents cheaper than unleaded 87.

Corn farmer and first vice president of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association Dana Allen-Tully says that as we near peak travel season it’s not only important to people at the gas pump but those who are producing it as well.

“In Minnesota a third of the corn we produce goes to ethanol, another third is exported, and the other third goes to livestock. So, it’s an integral part of making sure we have a vibrant rural community,” said Allen-Tully.

Southern Minnesota is the leader corn production statewide and being able to find another way to sell the corn is vital to the success of farmers.

The EPA has until May 15th to make its decision on whether or not unleaded 88 will be sold at gas pumps this summer.