Contractor hired to demolish Kirk Apartment building after fire

(ABC 6 News) – The Kirk Apartments which was partially destroyed by fire on April 24 will soon be torn down.

A contractor hired by the City of Mason City, in cooperation with the property owner, will begin emergency abatement work during the week of May 15 to demolish the Kirk apartment building at 206 North Federal Avenue.

Monday, we reported that there was asbestos in the building, and the city needed to find a contractor licensed to deal with it before demolition can begin.

The work is expected to take one week, and during this time the public is urged to stay away from the site. 

This emergency abatement is intended to protect public safety and adjacent property and to allow for the restoration of traffic to the adjacent streets. 

The final demolition and removal of debris from the site will be completed by a contractor hired by the property owner at a later date.