Combatting fentanyl trafficking

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(ABC 6 News) – When it comes to tracking drug traffickers, it can be a bit tricky.

Law enforcement say because of the high traffic on major highways, sometimes it can be difficult to spot drug traffickers.

“You arrest one and unfortunately there’s always somebody there to move in and take their place,” Chief Deputy of Mower County Sheriff’s Office Mark May said.

With fentanyl being a rising concern, it complicates things for state troopers.

“It’s tougher because the dosage amount is much smaller, a pound of fentanyl versus a pound of methamphetamine there’s so many more doses there,” Iowa State Patrol Sargeant Brian Sinnwell said.

State troopers said the I-90, I-35 corridor is a potential hot spot for traffickers and that it’s a frequent occurrence.

“There’s an intersection there where they’re going to be prevalent in trafficking in that area, it’s easy on and off you can go whichever direction you want to go,” Deputy May said.

Even though fentanyl is out there, Deputy May has a lot of faith in law enforcement to crack down on traffickers and reminds everyone to stay safe.