City of Rochester to begin sidewalk repair, replacement project

(ABC 6 News) – Construction will begin on Monday to repair or replace defective sidewalks and pedestrian ramps in parts of Rochester, announced the City of Rochester.

The City says a total of 94 pedestrian ramps will be installed or replaced including 61 ramps in District 4 southeast, and another 33 along 14th St. NE from 5th Ave. NE to 13th Ave. NE.

The sidewalks are being repaired or replaced to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

The work will occur through October, with individual sidewalk panels and pedestrian ramps scheduled to be impacted for 2-5 days. Impacts will include the following:

  • Pedestrians will need to self-detour around construction areas if there is no established detour.
  • Temporary pedestrian ramps will be placed along 14 Street NE to provide ADA compliant access to the school.
  • Residents with replaced panels located in their driveway will need to park in the street until the concrete has cured (typically less than 5 days). Crews will make contact with impacted residents.
  • Boulevard areas disturbed during construction will be restored with dirt/grass seed. Residents are asked to water the area, if able, to help establish the new grass.

The City of Rochester adopted the Sidewalk Improvement District (SID) program at the City Council meeting in November 2022. Adoption of this program reassigns the cost of sidewalk repairs and replacement from the adjacent property owner to a distribution among a greater portion of the community, as sidewalks are a benefit to, and are available for use, by all. In 2020 under the previous program, property owners paid an average of $854 for sidewalk repairs and it was not uncommon for properties to incur fees ranging from $3,000 to $5,000. The average anticipated residential rate under the new program is $57 annually.

The sidewalks being repaired/replaced in District 4 – SE were identified through routine inspections as part of the Sidewalk Improvement District (SID) program. Funding for the project is being generated by the SID program. Official rates for District 4 – SE are available, HERE.

Sidewalk repairs and replacements outside of District 4 – SE are being funded by ADA Transition funds.  The pedestrian ramp replacements along 14 Street NE are being funded by a combination of a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant and tax levy.

More information can be found, HERE.