Bynum, England native talk London Vikings game

(ABC 6 News) – Playing across the pond for the Minnesota Vikings isn’t an every-season occurrence. For some players, playing internationally on Sunday was a dream come true.

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At 24 years old, safety Camryn Bynum crossed off a bucket list item, to play internationally. Only in the NFL for two years, he said he’s blessed to be able to go overseas his second year.

“I’ve always wanted to do it. Cause I didn’t know they started doing that until I really started watching the NFL a few years ago. Because I was so focused on college football while I was in college. So playing Mexico City and in England is super cool to me. So that’s something I always wanted to do,” said Bynum.

ABC 6 News Good Morning reporter Sydney Zatz spoke with Bynum before the Vikings took off for England. Arriving Friday with a game on Sunday, Bynum wasn’t too concerned about the quick turn-a-round with jet lag. It’s another opportunity to travel, which he loves, and another opportunity to play football.

“Seeing culture out there, seeing how football fans are in the UK versus America. Once the game’s being played, it’s all between the lines. So wherever you’re at, wherever we’re playing, it’s all about football at the end of the day.”

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A friend of ABC 6 News Good Morning anchor Jessie Klinger, Adam Dickinson volunteered to work public relations at the game. He said it was an absolutely fantastic atmosphere.

Because Dickinson is a journalism major and an NFL fan, it just made sense for him to volunteer. He said there were a lot of Vikings fans and it was easy to see because of the sea of purple. He also talked about how loud it was and overall, it was a feel-good environment.

“It’s something unique to American football. Every sport has entertainment and excitement. But, it’s only American sports that go so far off the field to provide entertainment in between plays. I think that’s my favorite part. But also just seeing all the jerseys around.”

The Vikings defeated the New Orleans Saints 28-25.