Byron woman to stand trial for allegedly sexually assaulting roommate

(ABC 6 News) – Update: Lina Mustaga Zakaria’s court case was dismissed Dec. 5. The state of Minnesota cited “insufficient evidence to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.”

(ABC 6 News) – A Byron woman is scheduled to stand trial in Olmsted County Court Dec. 12 after being accused of sexually assaulting her former roommate.

Lina Mustafa Zakaria, 22, faces one charge of 5th-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office reported speaking to Zakaria’s adult male roommate in Feb. 2022, after the man reached out to law enforcement to report an assault.

According to court documents, the man told law enforcement that he had moved in with Zakaria and had told her at the time he did not want an intimate or sexual relationship.

According to court documents, he told the OCSO that Zakaria sexually assaulted him about two weeks prior and she would not stop despite multiple refusals until he managed to stand up and walk away.

The man told the OCSO that Zakaria had assaulted him on multiple occasions, but that he had not directly confronted her because he needed housing and her name was on the lease.

He also showed law enforcement texts where he “expressed his concern about (Zakaria’s) repeated sexual advances, despite him telling her to stop.”

According to court documents, Zakaria told law enforcement that she allowed the man to move in with her because she needed a roommate and he needed a place to stay, and said “sex was part of the agreement” for him reside with her.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits “quid pro quo” sexual harassment, which occurs when a housing provider requires someone to provide sexual favors in order to maintain or secure housing or services.

Zakaria allegedly told law enforcement that she did not touch the man without his consent.