Biden celebrates clean energy, jobs in Fridley

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(ABC 6 News) – Hundreds of people gathered at the Cummins Factory in Fridley, the president speaking on accomplishments throughout his term like more jobs and projects in the state but not everyone feels celebrations are in order.

“We’re the United States of America, there is nothing nothing nothing nothing beyond our capacity I believe that with every fiber of my being,” Biden said.

Accomplishment was the message inside the Cummins Factory in Fridley, Minnesota.

Hundreds of workers all trying to remember the moment themselves.

Local leaders all in attendance for President Joe Biden’s “Investing in America tour.”

President Biden, celebrating what he calls “historic legislation” to create new infrastructure, high speed internet and clean water access for all

“The plan is to invest in America in a literal sense, not oversees in America. Invest in ourselves, and its working,” explained Biden.

Many of those projects seen in southern Minnesota

“Residents in Austin, Minnesota are finally gonna get that new bridge across i-90, folks across Minnesota are finally gonna see EV infrastructure reach some maturity so that we can continue to sell EV cars, create opportunities, reduce carbon emissions,” Governor Tim Walz said.

But protestors outside the factory say there is no reason to celebrate.

“Everything I’ve had I’ve earned and I’m watching is slowly be eroded by the power political elites that say they care about the working class but all they care about is our votes, that’s all they care about, all they care about is power and a lot of them are liars,” Mark Picha said and that “Built Back Better”, is a lie.

“We kind of satirically call it built back broke,” Picha said

Still, President Biden exited the facility with rounds of applause from these factory workers.