Austin favorite SuperFresh re-opens

Austin favourite SuperFresh re-opens

The city of Austin saw a familiar face today after local favourite, SuperFresh, re-opened it’s doors.

(ABC 6 News) – The city of Austin saw a familiar face today after local grocery favorite, SuperFresh, re-opened it’s doors.

This comes after several deals with other buyers, fell through.

Now a brother-sister duo from the city are hoping to revamp this community staple.

“I think it’s just keeping a tradition alive. Jim and Marlene Stiles have had this for 43 years, and we want to make sure this is still part of the community,” said Adam Boes, Co-Owner of SuperFresh. “And not only sell the great baked goods and flowers in the spring, but we also want to make it a community gathering place.”

These Austin-natives say community is a driving force for their business, and they couldn’t be happier to bring such an iconic spot back home.

“I think just seeing the community come in and be supportive. We had cars in the parking lot 20 minutes before opening. People miss the donuts, they missed the coffee and just seeing each other,” said Co-Owner, Heather Boes.

She goes on to say, “it’s exciting, I had a lot of surprise family members come to town. Just that communal feeling, and people’s excitement that SuperFresh, is still going to go on.”

SuperFresh is located at 2102 4th Street NW in Austin.