Austin, Bowling Green men face weapon assault charges after Thanksgiving standoff

(ABC 6 News) – An Austin man and a Bowling Green, KY man each face a charge of 2nd-degree assault–deadly weapon after an alleged confrontation the day before Thanksgiving.

Brian Keith Ketchum, 37, of Austin and Htay Reh, 21, of Bowling Green were arrested at 401 2nd Ave. SW, Austin on Nov. 23 according to court documents.

According to Austin police, Reh told police that as he dropped his siblings off at the apartment building, Ketchum told him not to block the driveway, then became aggressive and approached him with a 12-inch knife in hand.

Reh told police he went into the apartment and retrieved his firearm, telling Ketchum that he would shoot him if he did not leave.

According to court documents, Ketchum claimed he spoke to Reh about blocking the driveway, but his hands were empty when Reh pulled out a handgun and threatened him.

Ketchum told police he went to retrieve a kitchen knife to protect himself and his girlfriend.

According to court documents, Austin police retrieved Reh’s handgun from a room in the apartment building, and Ketchum’s knife from a backpack in his kitchen.

Ketchum made his initial appearance in Mower County Court Monday, Dec. 5, while Reh appeared in court Monday, Dec. 12.

Reh’s pretrial is scheduled March 31, 2023 with a jury trial April 10.

Ketchum’s pretrial is scheduled for April 21, 2023 with a jury trial scheduled May 1, 2023.