Adopt A Grandparent Day: Austin senior living home joins Valentine’s Day fun

Valentine’s Day Adopt a Grandparent

Valentine's Day Adopt a Grandparent

(ABC 6 News) – Austin memory care facility, Our House Senior Living, put a new spin on the day of love with their first ever Adopt a Grandparent Day.

There are many reasons for people to love Valentine’s Day, but when it comes to our geriatric and senior citizen community, the holiday can often be lonely.

Our House Senior Living, held their event Wednesday, and the some residents sure were happy.

“I love it because I like making people happy, even on Valentine’s Day,” said resident Ora Payne.

The geriatric community can often be forgotten during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but it all boils down to remembering those who come before you.

“A lot of these people have lost spouses, significant others, some of them have lost children way too young; so the community needs to come together for them,” said Amanda Macay, nurse and apartment director for Our House Senior Living.

The best way to do that? Spending the time to make someone else’s day. You might be surprised by the joy that can bring.

“Laugh and tell jokes, stuff like that, make ’em happy. You know, I’m a happy person but deep down inside I’m sad, so smiling and making everybody laugh, that makes me feel better,” said Payne.

Supporting our senior citizens, especially around holidays, can be the difference in making someone’s day.

“You don’t realize how much they become part of your life, as much as you become there’s; we should be celebrating the geriatric community,” said Macay. “They’re the ones who have the stories, the history, the history of this town. People need to embrace that, because it will get lost along the way.”

You can find more information about Our House and donation or volunteer opportunities on their website.

Our House Residents say “Thank You”