Bonding bill could improve flood conditions in Kasson

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(ABC 6 News) – The City of Kasson has seen four floods in the past 15 years, two of them occurring in 2019.

City leaders are hoping that the approval of the bonding bill will help pay for improvements to prevent severe flooding in the future.

“Most people probably would just say it’s just a rainstorm,” Kasson resident John Hazuka said.

Following the flood that swept through Kasson in 2019, city leaders have been at work to help those affected by the disaster.

160 properties reported flooding, sewer backups, and flooded basements that year.

“Where here we have to look at what we might have to do in order to prevent damage to our home from flooding,” Hazuka said.

The city of Kasson has called upon local lawmakers to help them secure the funding they need to improve the sanitary sewer infrastructure and to create a system to prevent flooding in the future.

Republican Senator Carla Nelson authored a bill asking the state for $5 million out of the $10 million to fund the project.

“It’s really important that we get that Kasson bonding project completed, and I’m hopeful that we get to move that forward,” Senator Nelson said.

The plan is to construct a type of reservoir to lower the flood elevation by approximately two feet.

The city hopes that the bonding bill will get passed quickly so they can begin construction.

“It’ll be about one year of planning and permitting and then probably another year of construction so if we get the green light here this spring with the bonding bill it’s probably two to three years out still,” Kasson City Engineer Brandon Theopold said.

Bringing some relief to homeowners like Hazuka the next time there’s another rainstorm.

“The quicker they can get it through the better it’s going to be for everyone here involved.”

The city engineer said if the bonding bill doesn’t pass, the Kasson City Council will have to regroup and possibly make some tough decisions with their own budget.