UPDATE: 6 vehicles fall through ice on Lake Pepin

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UPDATE: 1/23/2023 – The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) said they received a report around 11:18 a.m. on Saturday of several vehicles that had fallen through the ice at Methodist Beach in Frontenac/Florence Township.

The GCSO said when deputies arrived there were approximately 15 vehicles that were parked just off the boat launch area on the ice. It was discovered that 6 of the vehicles had broken through the ice and were partially submerged in the water of the Mississippi River/Lake Pepin.

On Lake Pepin over the weekend, the ice was simply not strong enough to handle the weight of multiple pickup trucks.

Deputy Trevor Sullivan is the Recreational Safety Deputy with the Goodhue County Sherriff’s Office. “There were some trucks that were no longer running that had to be towed from the scene.”

The 6 vehicles were towed out of the water. The other vehicles on the ice were able to be driven off.

The area was posted with thin ice signs.

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(ABC 6 News) – A reminder that NO ice is 100% safe.

6 Trucks fell through the ice on the Minnesota side of Lake Pepin.

According to the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office, no one was hurt and all of the trucks were close enough to the shore to be towed out of the lake.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reminding people looking to spend time on the frozen lakes to check how thick the ice is before they take any vehicles on it.