2024 National EMS Week

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(ABC 6 News) – When life changes, we all know who to call, It’s right there in the name. Our first responders give their time and energy all for the betterment of our neighborhoods, our cities and our towns.

“My phone rang and I picked it up, and I might’ve said something crazy like ‘hey love!’ and I get a, ‘is this Mrs. Wagner?'”

The call no one wants to get, when your husband, wife, child is hurt and time stops.

“My family member had a medical emergency in our rural community in Southern Minnesota, it was so important that that particular town had their own first responder crew; they were there within minutes,” said North Iowa resident, Deanne Wagner.

In many towns across our area, those brave men and women are volunteering their time.

“When you live in a rural community, we’re 30 minutes from the nearest hospital, we’re an hour away from a big-city hospital,” expressed Wagner.

Our rural towns are often those who need help the most.

In 2024, the Minn. State Senate passed a $30 million aid package for rural emergency medical services, with $24 million being allocated to EMS providers in Greater Minnesota.

The move comes after dozens of rural and volunteer EMS providers saw a decline in support and funding. But it’s not just through money that we can support them.

“If you have a medical condition, probably wear your medical alert bracelets or some kind of identification that when we arrive and we can’t communicate with you. If you’re older and you have a pendant, like life alert pendant or something, that’s always helpful,” said Firefighter Engineer, Matt Wyse.

And if he would take any of it back?

“No I don’t think so, I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve done here giving back to the community; we have a good time and we work hard.”

In our area, the town of Adams is hosting their Adams Area Ambulance Service Community Night Out. That’s set to begin at 5:00pm, Wednesday night.