2013 Snow Storm: 10 Years Later

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(ABC 6 News) -In 2013, the stretch from May 1 through May 3 had abnormally cold temperatures and lots of snow.

Communities in northern Iowa received some of the most snowfall they have gotten over a few day period.

It was north of I-90 though, where most of the damage was done. Communities regularly topped a foot, with Blooming Prairie coming out on top.

Abby Wickelgren grew up in Eyota, and remembers how significant the snowfall was. “There was a lot of snow. It was crazy.”

Several monthly snowfall records were broken from this snowfall from just the first three days of the month. Daily records were shattered.

Roads became almost impossible to drive on, schools were closed or delayed, and several power lines toppled.

Winds were not very strong during this particular snowstorm. This kaprevented blowing snow from being a huge threat, but residents describe the snow as being wet and heavy. This made the cleanup process difficult.

Wickelgren remembers how much of a toll it took on her mom “My mom had to dig up the snow every single day and it would hurt her back a lot.”

It also resulted in a rough farming season, both due to planting season and barns collapsing.

Any crops that were planted were lost and resulted in lower profits for farmers due to the crops lost, as well as suppliers due to not being able to sell enough fertilizer.

Despite how rough it was, we got through it. Temperatures were back in the 70s just a few days later, which melted the snow away.

With warmer weather on the way the next few days, nothing like this can be expected anytime soon (let alone in the month of May).