The great debate: Pronto Pups or Corn Dogs?

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(ABC 6 News) – The Great Pronto Pups versus corn dog debate. You’ve probably seen the sign for one of them at the Minnesota State Fair.

The Pronto Pups look like a corn dog but if you ask any fairgoer, there’s a big difference.

“Let’s say 3,000,” Jesse Snow, a seller at Pronto Pups guesses when I asked how many pups he serves a day.

“I’m literally thinking about selling Pronto Pups in my sleep.”

Just across the street on Carnes Avenue at the State Fair, Rob Hendel of Poncho Dog says he couldn’t even begin to guess.

“Once we get going, we cook them as fast as we can.”

The process looks similar and so does the finished product. As Katie Johnson from St. Paul explained.

“I really just don’t know the difference. So maybe we could do a side-by-side Pepsi Coke kind of challenge but I don’t know.”

The Pronto Pups are a little bit taller. The corn dogs are more short and stubby and their dough is made of corn meal.

Kathy Kinney from Eagan said she prefers corn dogs because of their taste. Cesca Vogel from Underwood, Minnesota agrees. She also says the corn dog texture is better.

The Christensen family from Richmond, Minnesota has a clear favorite.

“It’s a tradition. Every year we come here, we hit the bathrooms, and then Pronto Pup[s.] Same stand every year,” said Hannah Christensen.

It’s not just one or two for this family.

“We test how many can eat how many pups throughout the day. We keep track of it.”

“Last year I think dad had like 18,” Emily Christensen chimed in.

The Christensen’s estimate that’s about $200 in Pronto Pups.

While some have a clear favorite. All is well at the “Great Minnesota Get Together.”

“I actually know the owner of the Pronto Pup[s] stand,” said Hendel.

“We’re friends. Some people like different flavors. It’s good to have choice.”

After my extensive research, I’d say I prefer the Pronto Pups but I also think there is no wrong choice.