Texas property company purchasing Northwest Rochester land

Texas buyers purchasing Rochester Land

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(ABC 6 News) – A Texas property company is taking its next steps to purchase land in northwest Rochester for housing and commercial use.

The company has been in talks with the city for months to acquire all 115 acres for sale, but now they’re only wanting 45 acres for the first phase of their project.

Anthony Properties is the purchaser for this property and they are one of many trying to cash in on the future of Rochester.

“We’re just excited about that market and the Mayo Clinic has announced all these expansions and you know continued growth there,’ said Justin Todd, Assistant Vice President of Development for Anthony Properties.

Residents are happy for possible use of this land, but they are asking Anthony Properties to buy all, not just a portion for their first phase, of the 117 acres for sale.

The property sits within the Cascade Township limits. The next step to bring it within the Rochester city-limits will be annexation.

“There’s going to be a lot of cost to bring in utilities and infrastructure to get this site. Got to have that higher density to support that because of higher costs,” Todd said.

But not everyone agrees with that vision, including Rochester city Councilmember Norman Wahl, who represents the neighborhood in Ward Three.

“We are approving a great number of apartment homes in town, we need those as well. But right now we are weighted so heavily in apartment complexes that we are falling desperately behind in low density.” Wahl said. “I would not like to see 45 acres and then next. And let the rest of the land lie fallow for ten years or twelve years until something can be developed in the way of low density.”

Wahl and his residents hope there’s still time to negotiate a deal to ensure none of the land is left out.

Anthony Properties’ proposed annexation and rezoning plan is currently under city review, it will eventually be brought before the planning and zoning commission.

Todd says that the annexation will be the first 45 acres in the agreement and Anthony Properties is in agreement to purchase the remaining 72 acres at a later date and time, and plans to have another annexation plan for the portion of the land.