Teaming up to bring portable AEDs to the community

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(ABC 6 News) – The Plainview community came together Monday to raise money for all-weather AED smart cabinets at various locations within the city.

These special cabinets are available through the non-profit group, Advocates for Health, out of St.Joseph, MN.

Plainview is teaming up with the non-profit to have these cabinets installed around the the city.

One person who has been helping to spearhead this project is Karen Miller, who lost her son to to sudden cardiac arrest three years ago.

“We want to help others and keep others from going through something so tough and so. I’m just really excited about the feedback that we have gotten so far from people. Thery’re definetly interested in trying to help with this project, and so yea it’s exciting and I would love to see this grown beyond Plainview,” said Karen Miller, Aidan’s mother.

If an AED is used within 1 minute of collapse from sudden cardiac arrest – the chance of survival increases by 90 percent.

These cabinets will also be heated so they can survive the winter. Along with fans to cool down in the summer. They call emergency services right away for you, and their goal is to save lives.

“Sudden cardiac arrest are the number one killer in the United states with 350 thousand people dying with sudden caridac arrest. Your chance of survival with out any treatment is only 5 percent. If we can get an AED on you with in the first ten minutes, your chance of life and survival goes up to 75 to 80 percent,” Program Director for Advocates for Health,” said Joel Vogel.

A number of businesses have already made donations to have these cabinets installed.

Each unit will cost 72 hundred dollars with the AED inside included.