Saint Marys emergency department shuts down briefly during alleged knife threat

(ABC 6 News) – Police say Saint Marys Hospital’s emergency department went on lockdown last night after an individual walked in holding a knife to their own throat.

According to Lt. Jennifer Hodgman with RPD, around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 12, 24-year-old Siara Pries entered the emergency room and allegedly threatened their own life and that of others in the waiting room.

Police stationed as hospital resource officers tackled Pries to the ground, Hodgman said. The suspect was medically cleared, then taken into custody.

Hodgman said there was not time to call a crisis intervention team social worker to defuse the situation.

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According to police, Pries faces recommended charges of terroristic threats and assault against the hospital security.

Pries had not been fully booked into the Olmsted County ADC Wednesday morning.